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Our Vision

As we are led by Our Heavenly Father or goal is to infiltrate our communities that are prone to crime and violence and unnecessary poverty with entrepreneurial skills to not only survive but to thrive.

We are in the business of cultivating a generation that will “…Seek First The Kingdom of GOD and His Righteousness…” knowing that everything else they need will be added to them.

These skills will be through the industries of Barbering and Cosmetelogy and others as led by Our Heavenly Father. We are planning on implementing a “Tuition Free” Barber/Cosmetelogy College in the near future. “Tuition free” is incumberent upon each student(s) following and or facilitating our M.O. of sowing into our communities by giving free services. 
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Others might look at our mission/organization as unorthodox; but we are ok with that.

THE LORD Bless you and keep you all.

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